Somnio: The Way We See It

Art Book Layout + Design

This project was presented to me by a diversely talented bunch, who organize themselves as TiPSY Press, a collaboration between four artists currently living in Edmonton; three poets and a printmaker. I thought, what a lovely party to play a part with. 

The three poets, Pushpa Acharya, Sharmila Pokharel, and Yukari Meldrum exchanged words with each other and Tiffany Adair, a wildly talented print maker and artist. In turn, they translated and interpreted each others work and created original pieces in response. What came out was a collection of 19 images, (primarily lithographs) and 42 poems that span the English, Nepali, and Japanese languages.

They needed help in bringing the pieces together in a cohesive and digestible way so it could be presented in book format. I had worked with Tiffany previously with the design of the UofA, 2014 Bachelor of Arts graduates catalogue and exhibition, Affinities, and was all in when she asked me if I wanted to be a part of their creation. So we chatted, worked out the details and scope, and got to work.

My main creative focus for this collection was to have my design disappear. Tiffany's works are beautiful, and detailed, and intricate; simultaneously dreamy and harsh. Combined with the flow and aesthetic of the letter-forms, there was plenty of visual information to take in already and I didn't want to distract or detract from this. Minimal titles and labeling, abandoning the serifs on the letter forms, plenty of white space, and the removal of any unnecessary flourish or ornamentation. What came out was something that we were all proud of and excited to be a part of. A 68-page art book that could be distributed and consumed by whomever gets their hands on it. Don't you just love it when the ending is all squishy and happy?

If you would like to get your own copy of, or learn more about Somnio: The Way We See It, or TiPSY Press, check out their website at

And check out the artists websites at:

Tiffany Adair
Pushpa Acharya
Sharmila Pokharel
Yukari Meldrum


Many thanks all. This was a ball!

New Painting

I finished this fella up awhile ago, but have been dragging my heels on posting it. I've been dragging my heels on a lot of things lately. I don't have a good reason as to why, (I've got a whole shit-pile of mental excuses, but no real good reasons) I just have been.

Feed the Flowers
12in x 24in
Acrylic + Ink on Canvas

Shellsuit Zombie Love

The guys and gals over at Shellsuit Zombie gave me some love and featured me on their Mad Skills Monday blog. If you follow my stuff, I don't think there is much new work for you to see on the post. But you should head over anyways and take a look at what they've got to show, they've got some cool shit going on over there. Click on that big ole' picture underneath these words to take a magical journey, through the tubes and airspace, to their website.

My Things Are On Sale ($5 off and free shipping.)

Hello Friends,

I sell some of my things on Society 6, a website that offers prints of original artwork on everything from paper to leggings. They've decided to have a sale on their/my goods. If you follow the link provided, they'll give you $5 off any product, and free international shipping. But, you have to follow the link. I've got a few new things up. Take a look around, maybe you'll find something you dig, from the comfort of whatever your comfort is.
Just follow THIS LINK.

Harcourt House Masquerade House Party

I've been working with Harcourt House Artist Run Centre for a few years now, and have nothing but love for these cats. They offer continual support and guidance to artists, show some incredibly creative work, house artist studios on the cheap, offer educational and live drawing classes, and just generally kick ass. Now, they're doing house parties too. "Get the hell out!", you say? Well, no. No I will not. Because they are. They even asked me to make an ad that says so. If you guys are around, check this thing out. You'll like it. I'm sure.

Drawn Chance

Chance the Rapper. Hip Hop torch bearer. Maker of good things. Here's my tip of the hat to him and his flows. Thanks for the juice, Chance. Here's some love in return.

I'm trying some new techniques for portraits to get a little different feel. This one was made using water colour, pen and ink, and some digital type, filters, and manipulation to finish.


Meeting People + Making Stuff

The move to Victoria has been a little tricky to maneuver so far and as a result, I hadn't been able to dig into the city and people and vibe yet. To talk and interact and create and swim in it. The last few days we've got ourselves settled enough in our temporary home, to get our shit together and hit the market. I brought some stuff down to work on, and met two curious fellows, Tebo + Lebo, who claimed that they didn't know how to paint. God damn hustlers, I tell ya... They dove in and started to make it shine. I kept picking away, nervous of ruining their work while trying to remember how easily and thoughtlessly they got to painting. A couple other tiny humans stopped in to help me figure out the bottom bits. By the end of the day, we ended up with something close to done. Much love and many thanks lads and lasses, couldn't have done it without you. You all killed it out there!

Esteli Streets

I've been lazy at sharing photos from my time in Central America. It's always hard for me to go back and organize/edit a batch of travel pictures. I know that the photo will never do the experience justice, and it seems a shame to only have the chosen moments be the ones to get recognition. Maybe I just have a hard time going back in general. Why put energy into a spent experience when there are endless unknowns to navigate? And pointless blog entries to write...

These photos are from some street wandering in Esteli, Nicaragua. There is some crazy talent in this town, and they puke it onto all the walls they can. They're beautiful. And they kept me company during my days, and slinked away into the shadows at night.

Custom Portrait

This is Ron. I've never met Ron, but would really like to. His face is full of lines with long tales etched into them.

I was asked to make a picture to thank Ron for being a properly weird, English lad who helped some Canadian folks out on their travels. Here's what I came up with. It was made by combining pencil, watercolour and digital mediums.

If you're in need of a thank you gift, or if you just want a picture drawn of someone, get in touch. I'm always looking for more people to draw! Or, you can click here to see some more samples and varieties.

Morning Ink

Tips for how to not hate mornings:
- Find furry friend
- Drink coffee
- Sit with a beautiful person
- Make a mess with India ink

Combine steps for best results.

A Bunch of Freaks

This piece was created for two of my dearest people as a celebration of their love and the family of freaks that they have created around them. These two have showed me, and continue to show me, new, beautiful, and unique ways to love. I'm happy that they exist and have managed to find their way into each other's space.

Done in collaboration Pale Illusions Art, with photo reference provided by Daniel Brady. We used acrylic, water colour, India ink, and gold-leaf and slapped it all on some canvas. The frame was found in a thrift store, stripped and re-painted to give a little eloquence to our grime.