Moving About This Place.

I've been pretty lazy with these updates lately. Poor form. I've been moving + floating around a lot and that resulted in a scramble to get things in order. New cities, old cities, landlord issues, flights, weird, third world internet connections. Basically, just excuses. Right now, I'm sitting beside Lake Atitlan in Guatemala and I think I've settled a little and will get a chance to throw a bunch of my mind vomit at you fine folks. Lucky you... There's going to be a bunch of shit that I've been working on over the past couple months: drawings, photos, designs, random word thoughts. Feel free to hop on board and follow along. If not, that's cool too. You've hopefully got your own messes going on. Time is a resource, use it wisely friends.

I'll start slowly. Here are a few pictures from a layover in San Francisco. First time I've visited the city and unfortunately, 2 hours isn't quite enough time to put much of a dent in this place. I think I need at least 5. Anyways, hope you enjoy.