San Marcos Nudies (NSFW)

Just a quick heads up, there is nudity in this photo set, so if you're not down with that or you're in a place where you'll get fired and/or arrested for checking it out, maybe you should wait a bit...

Some more shots from a shoot that I did with a really incredible human, Piotr (Pedro) Daranowski. This shoot was a lot of fun, and set in the landscape of the impossibly beautiful, Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. I'm really happy that I got to meet this soul, and I'm also really happy that he let me take pictures of his dick! Cause, that's what friends are for, right?

San Marcos Shoots

A little peak at some photos I've been working on with a lovely human in San Marcos, Guatemala. Unedited and pretty raw, but excited to see how these ones decide to present themselves. Much love to Audrey, for letting me do weird shit to her body and take pictures of it. Some humans are fantastic things!

Body Folds Acrylic

A few months ago I took some pictures of the body and how it folds. Because the body is incredible. And folds are pretty great too. This is a painting that I made from those photos.

If you'd like to see the initial photos, you can check them out HERE.

Acrylic on Canvas Paper
11" x 16"

Back Bend Serving Platter

I've been trying to figure out a way to make this picture into a painting for awhile now. I found a pretty lovely serving platter a few weeks ago, and thought these two could be pretty good friends. I think that they work well together. I hope that they eventually decide to settle down and share a beautiful life together. Maybe build a little cottage, with a strawberry patch in the back. Have a couple cats. Grow old together. You know, the same things that we all want.

Acrylic on Platter
14' diameter