Drawn Chance

Chance the Rapper. Hip Hop torch bearer. Maker of good things. Here's my tip of the hat to him and his flows. Thanks for the juice, Chance. Here's some love in return.

I'm trying some new techniques for portraits to get a little different feel. This one was made using water colour, pen and ink, and some digital type, filters, and manipulation to finish.


Big Ass Cityscape - Finished

I was contacted about creating a piece of art for a great couple who had traveled the world and are now happily married and in their own home for the first time. The piece was to serve as both a gift for her husband, and a piece of art for their new home. These two had been all over the world and had the scrape book photos to prove it. We got to talking, and I decided to create a cityscape made up of all their most memorable buildings. I started sifting through their images, sketching and arranging the buildings to work as one, singular piece.

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Big Ass Cityscape.

A recent commission that I'm working on. This piece started out as them wanting a picture of the house that he grew up in, in Ireland. And ended up becoming a 6 foot long, inked collage from their scrapbook photos of all of the places that they've visited. This project has been both intimidating and a lot of fun to work on. So many different types of architecture to study, sketch and try to fit into one piece. But god damn, so many types of architecture to study, sketch and try and fit into one piece...

This is progress from a productive weekend that consisted of 16 hours of inking and 2.3 hours of hand massaging mixed with a little claw decompression. More to come.