Meeting People + Making Stuff

The move to Victoria has been a little tricky to maneuver so far and as a result, I hadn't been able to dig into the city and people and vibe yet. To talk and interact and create and swim in it. The last few days we've got ourselves settled enough in our temporary home, to get our shit together and hit the market. I brought some stuff down to work on, and met two curious fellows, Tebo + Lebo, who claimed that they didn't know how to paint. God damn hustlers, I tell ya... They dove in and started to make it shine. I kept picking away, nervous of ruining their work while trying to remember how easily and thoughtlessly they got to painting. A couple other tiny humans stopped in to help me figure out the bottom bits. By the end of the day, we ended up with something close to done. Much love and many thanks lads and lasses, couldn't have done it without you. You all killed it out there!

A Bunch of Freaks

This piece was created for two of my dearest people as a celebration of their love and the family of freaks that they have created around them. These two have showed me, and continue to show me, new, beautiful, and unique ways to love. I'm happy that they exist and have managed to find their way into each other's space.

Done in collaboration Pale Illusions Art, with photo reference provided by Daniel Brady. We used acrylic, water colour, India ink, and gold-leaf and slapped it all on some canvas. The frame was found in a thrift store, stripped and re-painted to give a little eloquence to our grime.

Body Folds Acrylic

A few months ago I took some pictures of the body and how it folds. Because the body is incredible. And folds are pretty great too. This is a painting that I made from those photos.

If you'd like to see the initial photos, you can check them out HERE.

Acrylic on Canvas Paper
11" x 16"

Back Bend Serving Platter

I've been trying to figure out a way to make this picture into a painting for awhile now. I found a pretty lovely serving platter a few weeks ago, and thought these two could be pretty good friends. I think that they work well together. I hope that they eventually decide to settle down and share a beautiful life together. Maybe build a little cottage, with a strawberry patch in the back. Have a couple cats. Grow old together. You know, the same things that we all want.

Acrylic on Platter
14' diameter