San Marcos Nudies (NSFW)

Just a quick heads up, there is nudity in this photo set, so if you're not down with that or you're in a place where you'll get fired and/or arrested for checking it out, maybe you should wait a bit...

Some more shots from a shoot that I did with a really incredible human, Piotr (Pedro) Daranowski. This shoot was a lot of fun, and set in the landscape of the impossibly beautiful, Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. I'm really happy that I got to meet this soul, and I'm also really happy that he let me take pictures of his dick! Cause, that's what friends are for, right?

Sample Shots

Here are a couple sample shots from a travel shoot that I did with the always lovely, Pedro. My Polish brother with the magic hands and a taste for greasy hip hop + meditation. It was a little push out of our normal comfort zones, but I think we were both pretty pleased with how it went. This lad is such a pleasure. Until the next time brother, be kind and travel safe.

San Marcos Shoots

A little peak at some photos I've been working on with a lovely human in San Marcos, Guatemala. Unedited and pretty raw, but excited to see how these ones decide to present themselves. Much love to Audrey, for letting me do weird shit to her body and take pictures of it. Some humans are fantastic things!

Moving About This Place.

I've been pretty lazy with these updates lately. Poor form. I've been moving + floating around a lot and that resulted in a scramble to get things in order. New cities, old cities, landlord issues, flights, weird, third world internet connections. Basically, just excuses. Right now, I'm sitting beside Lake Atitlan in Guatemala and I think I've settled a little and will get a chance to throw a bunch of my mind vomit at you fine folks. Lucky you... There's going to be a bunch of shit that I've been working on over the past couple months: drawings, photos, designs, random word thoughts. Feel free to hop on board and follow along. If not, that's cool too. You've hopefully got your own messes going on. Time is a resource, use it wisely friends.

I'll start slowly. Here are a few pictures from a layover in San Francisco. First time I've visited the city and unfortunately, 2 hours isn't quite enough time to put much of a dent in this place. I think I need at least 5. Anyways, hope you enjoy.

Pictures From Christmas

This Christmas, I was able to spend 10 days surrounded by some of my dearest people. It was wonderful. Here are a few of my favorite shots from the holidays. Happy new year, friends!

The Mistress of the Bus

Through the whir of wheels, the blurring of landscapes, and the grind of an engine, the Mistress of the Bus emerges. She exists to soothe and provide calm for the weary travelers. And to remind you to please not tilt your seat back all the way, even if there is room to go further, because it makes the trip much less pleasant for the person behind you. Oh, and if possible, to please shower before departure.


Some pictures from a few months back. The lovely Meri and I spent a few days on the island, with one of my oldest friends serving as host and tour guide. He took us around the island and showed us good spots to throw out tents up on the beach. It was great to catch up with him and see how happy the island has made him. And was also a huge reminder of how special this place is. There might be "home" someplace on that rock...

Jonny Got Married

I grew up in Red Deer. In Red Deer, there seems to be a pattern of forming relationships that blur the line between family + friends. And although Red Deer isn't my favourite place in the world, I feel really lucky to have had the opportunity grow some of these relationships.

A couple weeks ago one of my friends/brothers/lovers went ahead and got married. And I got to spend a few days surrounded by five of my closest friends under an umbrella of family. It was a really beautiful weekend filled with warmth, laughs, love and dick jokes.

Here are a few pictures that I took of my family, celebrating love.

Water Line


June 2014

I was able to get to the ocean for the first time in a long time. There is something so calming, and motherly about the ocean. Salty rhythm and constant energy. It's powerful and humbling and nurturing. It commands respect, but also let's you scratch under it's chin now and then. I've never lived by the ocean, but I think I should. Calm is hard to find sometimes. I should remember that, and let the ocean help with some of the heavy lifting.

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MAY 2014 - (part 1)

A while ago I moved from a city with one million people, to a town with ten thousand. That’s been weird sometimes.

Living in a small town is nice; Main Street is actually the main street, and I can walk to anywhere that I need to be. But small towns are low in two places: anonymity and layers. A small town is too easy to manage. It can be kept clean and organized and affordably maintained. People want to stop to tell you that they recognize you, that they saw you walking the other night, and that you’re new here. And they assume that this is a reason to continue the conversation and to ask you where you’re from and what you do for work. I miss the coldness of the city. It is reassuring knowing that everyone is too caught up in their own shit to bother giving you any of theirs. It's comforting to know that they are honest with their priorities.

But I can slip out when I need to. Vancouver is only an overnight bus away and that city is a giant chaos stuffed with people wrapped up in their own shit. And it’s beautiful. And the only people that know my name are the ones that I decide to tell. It’s my privilege again. I try to spend most of my time walking and looking when I’m there; faces, buildings, conversations, garbage, graffiti, lights, lines and signs. I try to digest the man-hours that have gone into creating and sustaining this thing. Try to consider all of the hands that have added and taken away from this, and have become a part of it. But that gets overwhelming and I get lazy and confused. So I just walk around and I can relax, surrounded by people too caught up in trying to leave their mark on this place, to realize that they already have. 

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