Drawn Chance

Chance the Rapper. Hip Hop torch bearer. Maker of good things. Here's my tip of the hat to him and his flows. Thanks for the juice, Chance. Here's some love in return.

I'm trying some new techniques for portraits to get a little different feel. This one was made using water colour, pen and ink, and some digital type, filters, and manipulation to finish.


Custom Portrait

This is Ron. I've never met Ron, but would really like to. His face is full of lines with long tales etched into them.

I was asked to make a picture to thank Ron for being a properly weird, English lad who helped some Canadian folks out on their travels. Here's what I came up with. It was made by combining pencil, watercolour and digital mediums.

If you're in need of a thank you gift, or if you just want a picture drawn of someone, get in touch. I'm always looking for more people to draw! Or, you can click here to see some more samples and varieties.

A Bunch of Freaks

This piece was created for two of my dearest people as a celebration of their love and the family of freaks that they have created around them. These two have showed me, and continue to show me, new, beautiful, and unique ways to love. I'm happy that they exist and have managed to find their way into each other's space.

Done in collaboration Pale Illusions Art, with photo reference provided by Daniel Brady. We used acrylic, water colour, India ink, and gold-leaf and slapped it all on some canvas. The frame was found in a thrift store, stripped and re-painted to give a little eloquence to our grime.

Coffee Face

My procrastination abilities are untouchable... While drinking a coffee and trying to work up the motivation to finish some drawings for a client, I decided that my time would better be used by drawing something completely unrelated to anything I was "supposed" to be doing. So I blobbed some coffee down for my shadow, grabbed a couple water colour pencils, and started wasting some more time.