Greeting Cards

I've started selling some of my things at various markets around here, and decided that I should make some of the goods available through my website too. Which brings us to here... Greeting cards 5" x 7" and are printed on 66lb cover weight, matte paper. The cards have a blank inside and come with envelopes.

Click on the image to see the available selection of cards and how to order.

Summerland Fair

Big things are happening in Summerland. Like fairs... 

Since moving to Summerland, I've been making a lot of headway with my progression towards becoming a full-time recluse. But the fair came to town. And when the fair comes to town, you go to the fair. If you don't, it's disrespectful. Or sacrilegious or something...

The fair made me feel old. The flashing lights and loud noises made me all jittery. I swear that the crowds of teenagers were swarming around me on purpose. And I wanted to rationalize with the people playing games that the odds were not in their favour, and even if they do win, the price to prize ratio is grossly mis-weighted. So I avoided people and walked behind things. Where I could see the pretty lights and creep on people as they went about their business; keeping bellies fed, vomit rinsed, buckles fastened and smokes lit.