Some pictures from a few months back. The lovely Meri and I spent a few days on the island, with one of my oldest friends serving as host and tour guide. He took us around the island and showed us good spots to throw out tents up on the beach. It was great to catch up with him and see how happy the island has made him. And was also a huge reminder of how special this place is. There might be "home" someplace on that rock...



I met Marcus and Jordan when I was in Vancouver (you'll get to meet Jordan shortly). I was sitting on the sidewalk, waiting for a friend to meet me for breakfast and these three were beside me. I liked how they looked and I had a recorder and camera with me, so I asked if I could take their picture while they told me anything that they wanted to. I told them I wasn't going to respond, but please keep talking for as long as they wanted to. So they talked, and I took pictures. Once they included me in their conversation, I knew their story was done.