Harcourt House Masquerade House Party

I've been working with Harcourt House Artist Run Centre for a few years now, and have nothing but love for these cats. They offer continual support and guidance to artists, show some incredibly creative work, house artist studios on the cheap, offer educational and live drawing classes, and just generally kick ass. Now, they're doing house parties too. "Get the hell out!", you say? Well, no. No I will not. Because they are. They even asked me to make an ad that says so. If you guys are around, check this thing out. You'll like it. I'm sure.

Project Magazine

Hello Friends,

Happy holidays and all that jazz. I hope that you're all gradually waking up from your food comas and coming to terms with the slow realization that new pants may be more of a need rather than a want.

I've got some pretty great friends that seem to have talent puking out of them. Aside from working full time jobs and creating things that make them happy, some of them also design, layout, and publish collaborative magazines that pimp the Edmonton arts scene and people. Yu-Chen is one of those friends and she (and some others) have put together the first issue of their bi-monthly publication, Project Magazine, which is created to showcase the work of selected local artists. And I was lucky enough to be one of those selected artists. I've attached a few pictures of my work from the magazine so you can take a look see yourself.

There are a ton of these magazines floating around out there, but Project Magazine does a really great job on quality, and paying attention to the presentation of the artists work. They have full page spreads of the artist's work that are ready to be pulled and framed, or left just the way they are, as a tangible portfolio for Edmonton artists and designers. They are hoping to get some cash for these, but they are currently offering some complementary issues at the Daffodil Gallery and Block 1912 Cafe. So, if you're in a pinch or cash is tight, you can check it out there. If you want to show some love by spreading your monies around, they are available for purchase from the website, www.projectmagazine.co. Regardless, check it out, spread the word, take a peak, it's all good things.

Much love, people!