ZACH HOSKIN (b. 1985 Alberta, Canada) is a Visual Artist and Designer currently living in Mexico City, Mexico. He creates contemporary paintings and drawings utilizing a variety of mediums. His work is often built upon the framework of portraiture and figurative forms. Favouring expression over representation, he uses these recognizable frames as scaffolding for internal self-exploration through outward observation. Many of his ideas and inspirations are drawn from the isolation of a rural childhood, absurdism, the impossibility of balance, comfort from loneliness, inappropriate humour, the mystery of process, anomie, and a general curiosity to answer the questions we can’t.

He studied and worked in Civil Engineering before returning to school to study Illustration and Design, at Grant MacEwan University. After completing his studies he travelled and moved homes frequently while working as a graphic designer and photographer. He began to explore methods to create more personal and expressive artworks using paint and line.

He currently lives between Mexico City and Canada, enjoying the contrast between the beautiful chaos of the city and incessant calm of rural Canada.

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