The new, Port Mann Bridge in Vancouver. Some people claim that it was a waste of money. And sure, maybe it drops giant cables of ice on people when it freezes. But I thought it was beautiful. Well done Vancouver. You're good at being beautiful.


I was able to get to the ocean for the first time in a long time. There is something so calming, and motherly about the ocean. Salty rhythm and constant energy. It's powerful and humbling and nurturing. It commands respect, but also let's you scratch under it's chin now and then. I've never lived by the ocean, but I think I should. Calm is hard to find sometimes. I should remember that, and let the ocean help with some of the heavy lifting.


Big things are happening in Summerland. Like fairs... 

Since moving to Summerland, I've been making a lot of headway with my progression towards becoming a full-time recluse. But the fair came to town. And when the fair comes to town, you go to the fair. If you don't, it's disrespectful. Or sacrilegious or something...

The fair made me feel old. The flashing lights and loud noises made me all jittery. I swear that the crowds of teenagers were swarming around me on purpose. And I wanted to rationalize with the people playing games that the odds were not in their favour, and even if they do win, the price to prize ratio is grossly mis-weighted. So I avoided people and walked behind things. Where I could see the pretty lights and creep on people as they went about their business; keeping bellies fed, vomit rinsed, buckles fastened and smokes lit.


I was supposed to be helping a friend out at the dump, but ended up getting distracted by the "Recycled Wood" pile. I'll take an ocean of liner, chaotic waste over a vineyard in the valley any day. 


My first impressions of Spirit of the Sail, a local sculpture on the Kelowna waterfront. I have a feeling that this sculpture is one of those things that fades into the background and stops being looked on after awhile because it's just, always there. Like sunsets. And wives.

I think it's beautiful, and made sure to let it know. I hope that others do too.

Sculpture: Spirit of the Sail
Artist: Robert Dow Reid