SOMNIO: The Way We See It
Poetry + Art Book

book design, layout, identity

This project was initiated by the group, TiPSY Press, a collaboration between four artists currently living in Edmonton; three poets and a printmaker. 

The three poets, Pushpa Acharya, Sharmila Pokharel, and Yukari Meldrum,  exchanged words with printmaker Tiffany Adair. They translated and interpreted each others work and created original pieces in response. What came out was a collection of 19 images, (primarily lithographs) and 42 poems that span the English, Nepali, and Japanese languages.

Tiffany's works are beautiful, detailed, and intricate; simultaneously dreamy and harsh. Combined with the flow and aesthetic of the letter-forms, there was plenty of visual information for the eyes to consume. Minimal titles and labeling, abandoning the serifs on the letter forms, plenty of white space, and the removal of any unnecessary flourish or ornamentation. What came out was a 68-page art book that could be distributed and consumed by whomever gets their hands on it.

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Tiffany Adair
Pushpa Acharya
Sharmila Pokharel
Yukari Meldrum